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Defend the Catalan Republic and open the Constituent Process

Statement by Anticapitalistes

Saturday 28 October 2017, by Anticapitalistes

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Today [27 October] Parliament approved the resolution that Catalonia become an independent Republic and for the opening of a constituent process based on the will of the people expressed in the referendum on 1 October. We support and welcome this decision, but it has not convinced the whole of the democratic Catalan bloc. The break with the regime was a necessary step for 1 October to be irreversible. However, it lacked a left hand to integrate non-pro-independence sensitivities, that must be included in the constituent process.

At the same time, the Senate has confirmed the application of article 155, the coup d’etat against the sovereignty of Catalonia. The challenge to the constitutional order and the 1978 Regime is now at its peak with the proclamation of the Catalan Republic. For this reason, defending the sovereignty of Catalonia against the coup d’état is an urgent task. The oligarchies and parties of the established order will use all possible mechanisms to restore their power over Catalonia. Facing their attempts, they must find a disobedient and organized society, as we got the referendum, so we can avoid restoration. It is necessary to build a broad democratic front, not only against repression but also in defence of the new Catalan Republic as a positive project.

Now more than ever, it is essential that the Catalan process is not isolated and must seek alliances and solidarity with those movements and organizations outside of Catalonia working to end the regime of the 1978, to look for synergies against the authoritarian evolution of the PP and the entire State apparatus that is preparing to keep the Regime alive. Articulating this dialectic between the Catalan movement and the fight against the current institutional framework throughout the State is strategic for the defence of the Catalan Republic.

At this time it is key to implement the Constituent Process. Develop it from the spaces of popular organization as a fundamental pillar. Make sure that the working classes become protagonists to ensure that the days we live are irreversible. The cycle of mobilizations in Catalonia since 2011, the struggles for decent work, so that housing is not a privilege, to eradicate energy poverty, to put an end to sexist violence, the defence of water as a public good, to be a host country for refugees and migrants, and many other struggles, are the best contribution we can make to building the Republic. All that majority independence current has wanted to leave in the background must be placed today in the center of the conquest of sovereignty and for the extension of legitimacy.

To make the Republic able to meet the needs of the social majorities of Catalonia will be the only way to avoid it being a simple exchange within the elite. In recent weeks we have seen the difficulties and the blackmail facing any challenge to the established constitutional order. The Catalan, Spanish and European oligarchies dominate the economy, media and institutions. We must build a force that is not limited to the thedrafting of a Constitution, does not subordinate itself to Parliament, but on the contrary we need it to build, in the streets and squares, counter-powers to their blackmail. To build a popular power protecting those from below through the difficult times we are going through, in order to avoid the disappointments and anxieties of the last days, to make sure that they are the protagonists of the decisive days that we are living through.


27 October 2017


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