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All the peoples of the world reject Trump’s threats against Venezuela

Statement by LUCHAS

Thursday 17 August 2017, by LUCHAS

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The imperial president of the United States, Donald Trump issued a statement on 11/08/17 in which he threatened the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with military intervention and promised to oust President Nicolás Maduro. This coarse and threatening statement has been rejected by all the countries of the world and most of their governments.

We, the Liga Unitaria Chavista Socialista (LUCHAS), call on all workers, social movements, unions and left-wing politicians in the different continents of the world, to express their rejection of these discourteous statements and to mobilize to repudiate and repel Trump’s unacceptable pretensions.

We are leading the Solidarity Days with Venezuela!!!

Beyond the arrogant behavior of this nefarious personage that occupies the presidency of the USA today, his personality disorders and the narcissistic traits that all psychiatrists say he suffers from, we must take into account and be aware that US imperialism, in the hands of this sick president and through the interests of some economic sectors, can even dare to a criminal adventure against Venezuela.

Imperialism as a whole and the lackey governments of the region are tired of enduring the behavior of the Venezuelan people who have committed themselves, against the will of successive governments over the last 18 years in the USA, to going ahead with their revolutionary Bolivarian process and to continue to set an example to all other countries to fight and enforce their sovereignty, independence and freedom.

This irreverence and political firmness of the people of Bolivar and Chávez to enforce their autonomy, and the eagerness of the imperialists to have control of the immense mineral riches of our lands, is a great challenge for them, seeing that, despite the political and economic crisis that we now experience, we are not capable of being scared or bending.

It is no coincidence that this desperate declaration of Trump was made a few days after more than 8 million Venezuelan people, on July 30, participated in supporting the National Constituent Assembly at the initiative proposed by President Maduro, ignoring the warnings and threats to promote an economic blockade against our country. These pressures were also made through spokespersons from the world’s banks and with the use of blackmail messages from representatives of oil companies, airlines and shipping companies. They could count also for this psychological war on the complicity of some sepoy governments of the region.

The role played by the US government and its complicit governments in the region, in the role of financing, advising and directing the Venezuelan opposition in the MUD, is revealed once again. These have had the treasonous nerve to request the military intervention of the OAS and even of the US army itself.

These stateless people, since they have not been able, with “guarimbas”, blockades and burnings of innocent people, to impose a fratricidal war between ourselves, now seek a military intervention and occupation, as a copy of what has happened with Iraq, Libya and Syria. They want to be Yankee partners in the war business and then be part of the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure and the exploitation of oil and other mineral wealth with the big corporations around the world. For those reasons, they are almost the only ones who have not rejected Trump’s statement of military intervention.

Today as we receive support of international solidarity, we have to assume the commitment with the peoples of the world to carry forward this Bolivarian process. The revolution needs the Constituent Assembly to impose the Communal State to advance the democratic socialism of the 21st Century, as Chavez demanded of Maduro. The revolutionary process has to be continental. We must now constitute a great national and continental front in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and to promote the socialist revolution of Our America.


FOR LUCHAS: Stalin Pérez Borges; Ismael Hernández; Nieves Tamaroni; Marcos García; Jesús Vargas; Christian Pereira; Osman Cañizales; Vilmas Vivas.

August 14, 2017.