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Philippines (Mindanao)

Statement of Condemnation on the Murder of Comrade Ruben

Sunday 5 March 2017, by Harold Fernandez

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Revolutionary Salute to Comrade Ruben!

The whole Revolutionary Armed Partisans of the Revolutionary People’s Army (RAP/RPA) strongly condemn the murder of Comrade Ruben at around 4pm of 4 March 2017 in the hands of the elements of the government forces in Purok 8, Bagong Silang, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte.

5 March 2017

On the abovementioned tragic afternoon, in masse and in full combat gears elements from the Bravo Company of the 15th Infantry Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division lead by 1LT MARLOUIE S. DICEN, Platoon leader 2LT FERNANDO OLIVEROS JR, under the command of LTC AUDIE A. MONGAO the 15th IB 3rd ID battalion unit, and scores of Philippine National Police (PNP) led by PCINSP MALVIN CEBEDO LOQUINTE of the Kapatagan Municipal Police Office raided a certain house in Brgy. Tiacongan, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte purportedly to serve the warrant of arrest for Comrade Ruben.

The latter had noticed the approaching armed elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and made a quick decision to evade the state forces being unarmed himself. His attempt to escape had been impossible considering the number of the enemies with high caliber arms. He was alone and only armed with a cellular phone because he was in the place to visit a family friend and the masses. Given the number of the armed operatives at the scene, the intention was really to eliminate Comrade Ruben. It was a murder as can be seen by the number of bullets inflicted at him. It was crystal clear and very revealing that the said operation was mainly a military operation rather than a police one. That is if warrant of his arrest was supposed to be served at him.

Comrade Ruben was never been in any gun-for-hire and other un-revolutionary activities. He was an active political and military cadre of the RPA since it split way from the CPP-NPA-NDFP in the early 90’s. He was known to be tough on criminals and even government forces and personalities known to be abusive and oppressive. In fact, he was one of those vocal to support the current Duterte government’s campaign on illegal drugs but not the “Tokhang” method. He strongly believed that the widespread drug problem in the country is a symptom of the intensive poverty and social inequity affecting the vast majority of our people.

Comrade Ruben had been very active in defending the peasant communities and the rural poor in his areas of operations as a member of the Partisan unit of the RPA. He selflessly performed his political and military tasks until the sad incident under the hands of the murderers. Until his last hours, he wanted to be with the masses.

The RPA as an armed wing of the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagwa – Mindanao (RPM-M) has been present (among other areas) in the Northwestern Mindanao that includes Lanao del Norte province since the early 80’s. Since the RPMM signed the ceasefire
Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao
Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA)
agreement with the Philippine government under the Arroyo administration, RPA comrades hold on to this agreement and tried to stay the course of peaceful settlement of the armed conflicts as a result of the extreme poverty of the people. The murder of Comrade Ruben is a violation to this agreement.
This raised more questions to the nature of peace that the present government under Duterte is waging. But it has become much clearer that the peace the AFP would want to achieve is a peace of the graveyard.

We deeply mourn for the loss of Comrade Ruben but will never put the death of our comrade in vain.

We shall overcome!

Harold Fernandez

National Operational Command (NOC)




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