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War Drive

The Mindanao People’s Peace movement

Monday 15 April 2002, by Eva Oler Ferraren

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The Mindanao People’s Peace movement is a long-term grass roots movement fighting for peace in Mindanao which continued its work after September 11. Since the deployment of US troops to the Philippines the organisation has obviously stepped up its work.

We have been pushing for a return to peace negotiations and campaigning against military globalisation. We are also concerned that the government has been trying to create animosity between Christians and Moslems in the Philippines, by labelling all Muslims terrorists and therefore trying to get the majority Christian population on their side.

We are trying to develop this movement on an international level - particularly over these last few months in Europe. One of the things we want to encourage is international delegations coming to Mindanao to bring back accurate information about what is really happening. This is particularly important because Arroyo is trying to use her supporters in other countries to write articles for example in the US press saying how good a job US troops are doing in Mindanao.