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War Drive

Dossier: Introduction

Monday 15 April 2002

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As IV went to press the imperialist war drive orchestrated by the US and its allies following the events of September 11, 2001 was shifting up a gear, with increasingly vocal threats against Iraq and new and savage Israeli incursions into the West Bank. In the following pages we focus on several aspects of the global imperialist war drive:

 In “Drive to war accelerates” Salah Jaber looks at the threat to Iraq;

 In “Palestine terrorised” Phil Hearse examines the war against the Palestinians;

 In “America’s global gamble” Peter Gowan explains the background to US policy choices;

 In “Fighting military globalisation” and “The Mindanao People’s Peace movement” Harry Tubongbanwa and Eva Oler Ferraren analyze the role of the Philippines in the ’war on terror’;

 and we reproduce two statements by the International Executive Committee of the Fourth International on the Philippines and Colombia.