Greece/Spanish state:

Greek despair

Tuesday 20 October 2015, by Josep María Antentas

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Syriza won the Greek general elections on September 20, 2015 amidst a sea of resignation from the Greek people, forced to choose between the austerity of Tsipras and that of New Democracy. No celebration after its victory, no displays of joy. Only symptoms of routine acceptance of reality in the streets of Athens. The idea that things could be otherwise evaporated without remission.

The Tsipras of today is a sinister shadow of the winner on January 25, 2015. A caricature of himself. In less than a year the hopes of change have been buried, bowing to the dictates of the financial world. As on many occasions in history, the gravediggers of the future have come from the ranks of the popular camp. When this happens, the consequences are devastating. Disorientation and confusion spread without restraint. It takes time to overcome.

Popular Unity (2.8% of the vote) failed in its defensive and desperate attempt to articulate politically the “Oxi” expressed in the referendum, which shows that discouragement, confusion and fear have prevailed above the hopes and wishes for change. But we must continue, preparing for what is to come, for the new round of social devastation.

The limits of the Tsipras government show that those who confront the dictatorship of finance must be willing to go all the way. If not, it is not worth trying. Why start roads to nowhere? This is a fundamental strategic lesson that it must be borne in mind in the case of the Spanish state. There are times at which there is no alternative. The circle cannot always be squared.

Podemos’s support for Tsipras is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. Although it allows the pretence of being with the “winners” in Greece, it has actually linked its fate to that of a party that has capitulated before the Troika and which, before the next general elections in the Spanish state, will be forced to implement a package of savage cuts. There will be no good news from Greece in the immediate future. Each measure implemented by the new Syriza government will be a veritable torpedo to the credibility of Podemos and to the credibility of change. A nightmare. Tsipras may become a veritable Freddy Krueger of social change, not only in Greece, also in distant Iberia. And remember, “Nightmare on Elm Street” was followed by six sequels. Each of them worse. The spiral of defeat is infernal.

The year 2015 was very sensitive for the Troika and the international financial regime, with the victory of Tspiras on January 25 and the possibility of a triumph for Podemos at the end of the year in the Spanish state. But with Tsipras domesticated and Podemos losing momentum, the financial regime and its political servants can finish the year more comfortably. Which portends a tough 2016 where austerity policies will be intensified. One conclusion imposes itself: make a move and change the game plan to generate a shock and ensure that the bipartisan system of the PP-PSOE does not, in spite of its weakness, stabilize its decline or soften it with its preferred replacement, Ciudadanos.