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On the death of Pim Fortuyn


Saturday 15 June 2002, by SAP / Grenzeloos

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We condemn the murder of Pim Fortuyn. An act of this kind can never be a contribution to achieving the society of solidarity and freedom that we are fighting for. Pim Fortuyn’s ideas were far removed from our ideals. Fortuyn tried to mobilize people, not only on the basis of their - justified - discontent with the political establishment in The Hague, but also on the basis of irrational prejudices such as: the Netherlands is full and has no room left for immigrants, people on disability benefit are doing too well, and women should go back to the kitchen.

Pim Fortuyn

We have been hard at work in recent months opposing Fortuyn’s ideas in words, in writing and on the streets. We strongly object to any insinuation that Fortuyn’s - left-wing - opponents have contributed to creating an atmosphere that led to the murder. Fortuyn’s programme and public statements made us, and many others, angry and determined to continue fighting for solidarity and against racism.

Efforts will be made to take advantage of his death, just as that occurred after the September 11 attacks. We have already seen the first examples. The conservative daily De Telegraaf is trying to criminalize the left. TV Rijnmond asked several young Moroccans to react to Fortuyn’s death for the sole purpose of expressing disgust at the fact that they were not upset enough.

Now more than ever in the coming days and months, we must fight in large numbers and with renewed energy for a social, multicultural Netherlands - before, during and after the elections. Fortuyn’s ’martyrdom’ could well lead to an even greater lurch to the right. We call all the more urgently on everyone to vote for one of the left-wing parties: the Socialist Party or the Green Left.

Since the municipal elections in March we have been very active in mobilizing and organizing for the demonstration on May 11 in Rotterdam under the slogan, ’Not One Vote for Racism’. We support the decision of the organizing coalition Nederland Bekent Kleur to cancel this demonstration, because holding the demonstration as scheduled would be counterproductive and would not help build a broad movement against racism. The decision not to hold the demonstration does not mean that we are letting the far right, which had already announced a counter-demonstration, intimidate us. Nor does it mean that we think action for a multicultural society is no longer necessary. Now more than ever in the coming weeks and months we must continue fighting in large numbers and with renewed energy for a social, multicultural Netherlands.