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Solidarity with the prisoners of 15 July — Against police brutality

Friday 17 July 2015, by OKDE-Spartakos

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The government of SYRIZA-ANEL who voted the new memorandum, in the same line with previous governments, has proved that they cannot enforce the new austerity measures that destroyed the life of workers and people in Greece and complete the overturn of the massive NO of the working class, without resorting to the last form of social dominance: the state-police violence and repression.

On the night of 15 July, day of general strike in the public sector, municipalities and hospitals against the new memorandum, in the demonstration organized by trade unions and social and political organizations, the police of the “left government” spent out all of their rage. The part of the demonstration where members of OKDE-Spartakos were standing, with obvious presence, flags and chants, were attacked brutally without any provocation by the riot police, who cruelly beat and wounded demonstrators and then arrested them for no reason.

Two comrades of OKDE-Spartakos and ANTARSYA, after a harsh beating during the attack, but also after their arrest, were taken the next day 16/7, with other arrested demonstrators, to the DA with lots of ridiculous false charges. Their trial has been scheduled for Wednesday 22 July. These two comrades are Manthos Tavoularis, bookstores worker and Secretary of Book shops Workers’ Union and Michalis Goudoumas, social worker, member of the Union of Workers of the Foundation for the Child “Pammakaristos”

15 other militants were arrested with our comrades and they were treated by the policemen with the same brutality and are also taken to trial in Wednesday.

The government does not allow any illusions about their allies and their enemies. They choose to vote for the new memorandum in a close collaboration with the political parties of the bourgeoisie , the media establishment, the native and European capital, the EU and the IMF.

The government choose to attack with unthinkable brutality, using the familiar ‘Praetorian Guard’: MAT (the Greek riot police) and DIAS police unit, against political organizations of the anti-capitalist left, trade unionists and political activists, who have been fighting against the memoranda, austerity and authoritarian bills, in the last years, who also fought and worked for the ‘NO’ answer in the referendum, who have been fighting for the emancipation of the working majority and their liberation from the capitalist inferno.

The suppression by the government that authoritatively turned the overwhelming ‘NO’ of the working people into a ‘left’ memorandum of extreme class savagery, does not frighten the political activists who fight on the side of the people who say NO UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

That’s why we stand by all the co- political activists who were the ‘target group’ of the police suppression during the workers’ rally on the 15th July and we claim for the immediate withdrawal of all charges with which the arrested political activists are being forced into trial.

We participate in the solidarity assembly at Evelpidon court complex, on the 22nd of July, at 9am

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