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Our Comrade Abu Yazan, dead as a martyr

Tuesday 19 August 2014, by Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

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Against the prospect of the enrolment and of the reserve army: flight without return or the inevitable death

Another comrade has left us
The regime still calls frenetically and with insistence to join its squadrons, brigades, battalions and militia, and it encourages by all means the Syrian youth to enroll in these latters and prosecute those who refuse to

Enrollment in the regime’s forces is generally not voluntary. It is forced and refusing is not an option. One who is summoned and does not respond to the call has to flee or hide. Whoever answers will almost inevitable have for fate death in the insane fightings of the regime, which pays little attention to not only the blood of the Syrian people but also the blood and souls of the soldiers in its army, used as cannon fodder.

The recent fightings in Raqqa demonstrate this situation. This is why we do not see all soldiers as necessarily a militiaman. Most soldiers are son of workers, who were, and still are victims of the regime itself. Some of them have been called up for military service or as reservists and did not answer the call, but have been stopped at army checkpoints and enlisted as reservists. Others who have economic difficulties or young children and a wife or a family with them, survived at a subsistence level. They will not necessarily be able to defect and join the forces of the people’s revolution, whose size is declining and which are exposed to attacks of the counter revolution, whether of the regime or of the fascist and reactionary forces of the Islamic State (IS). It is a reality that we can’t ignore. Whoever is watching with one eye will never see the realityWe have daily examples.

Let us speak of comrade Abu Yazan, whom we will not mention the full name to protect his children, his wife and his family from the brutality of Assad militias and who was forced to wear the uniform. Comrade Abu Yazan refused to join regime forces when he was ordered and hid for months. About two months ago, he was arrested at a checkpoint of the army, placed in solitary confinement and then selected deliberately to be sent from prison to an inevitable death in one of the most dangerous battle zones. Our comrade was martyred during the first confrontation with the fascist militias of the IS on the first Friday of August

With the martyrdom of Abu Yazan, we lost an active comrade, who participated notoriously to the support of the displaced. And we suffer because the circumstances of the intense security pressure led to his arrest and then sent to his death. He was a great popular revolutionary militant

And we reaffirm that a persevering and revolutionary activism in the ranks of soldiers regime forces in favor of the people’s revolution is very important. It is our duty to deploy greater efforts in this direction, notably by ensuring and providing a safe environment for deserters. Similarly we call to close ranks of the revolutionary forces that carry the program of the popular revolution, for the triumph of the victory against the counter revolution, and firstly of the regime

Glory to our comrade Abu Yazan, to our martyrs and all the martyrs of the people’s revolution

All the power and the wealth to the people

Syrian Revolutionary Left Current