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Fourth International

Solidarity Declaration with Palestine

Monday 11 August 2014

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This statement was unanimously adopted at the 31st youth camp in political solidarity with the Fourth International at Commentry France on 9 August 2014.

We are gathered at the Fourth International Youth Camp in France on 9th August 2014 to discuss global oppression. Since June, international consciousness about the Palestinian struggle has risen all over the world as a still ongoing military offensive is being led by the Israeli government.

With no consideration for international law and with political, economic and military support from Western and Regional allies, Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip has already caused more than 1,900 deaths, 10,000 injured people and 400,000 people are displaced. In the meantime Netanyahu states that peace is impossible, all peace negotiations are paused and the ethnic cleansing of civilians continues.

In France, the government even tries to criminalize the Palestinian solidarity movement – for example by forbidding and complicating demonstrations. Now, a French comrade from the NPA faces charges for organizing one of these demonstrations.

This will not stop us from expressing our solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and their rights to defend themselves. We will continue fighting against the imperialist politics of the Israeli state starting by denouncing the complicity of our own governments.

We demand the immediate end to the military intervention and the bombings on Gaza. We demand the end to the Israeli colonization and end of the blockade on Gaza and the West Bank. We demand freedom for all political prisoners and the right to return for refugees.

For those reasons, we will not only continue to organize mass demonstrations, but we will also participate actively in the international campaign for Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions against the Israeli state.

Long live the resistance of Palestinians against the oppressors!

Boycott Israel! Free Palestine!


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