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Stand up to Nazism!

Thursday 13 March 2014, by Socialistisk Politik

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This statement was made by the Socialistisk Partiet, Swedish section of the Fourth International, on 10 March 2014.

Several people were attacked by Nazis on March 8 in Malmo, in a case of attempted murder in the street, after the feminist demonstrations of the day of women’s rights. The victims were stabbed and the life of one of them, who was stabbed in the lung, is in danger. Some Nazis of the Svenskarnas Party (Party of the Swedes) were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. All this happened just days after the Nazis who had attacked another peaceful demonstration in Kärrtorp had appeared in court. One of the Nazis detained in Malmö recently returned from Ukraine, where he had fought alongside the fascists of that country.

In this society Nazis and right-wing extremists are committing violent and deadly acts against people who represent the values that they hate. Pro-Nazi editorials distribute Nazi propaganda, stocks of arms have been found, there have been threats and violent acts against LGBT activists, as well as Islamophobic and anti-Semitic actions against entire groups, and now the attempted murder of an activist on the international day of women’s rights. The feminist activists had torn down Nazi stickers from walls and the Nazis embarked on a violent attack.
The escalation of violence by right-wing extremists and Nazis is happening at the same time that some of these groups are trying to appear politically correct. It is capitalist policies and their negative consequences that facilitate these groups going onto the offensive. Some are in the Swedish Parliament; others spread their hatred in the streets.
The advance of the Nazis is all the more dangerous when various social media facilitate the increase in armchair racism, at the same time legitimizing the Nazi violence. The strengthening of nationalism at a time when capitalist globalization is leading to economic and social insecurity creates a basis for right-wing populism, neo-Nazism and fascist groups. The threat from right-wing extremism, attacks against political and trade-union activists, as well as everyday ingrained racism, when people are looking for an apartment or for work, are seen every day in our country. It really is a threat against democracy.

According to the SÄPO (political police) the Nazis committed 14 political murders between 1999 and 2009: how many others have been overlooked? We do not forget John Hron, Ronny Landin, Kent Antonsson, Hyan Altrn , Jimmy Ranjbar, Peter Karlsson, Gerard Gbeyo and Björn Söderberg. They were all victims of premeditated actions of right-wing extremists. Despite this, the mass media continue to speak of "extremism on both sides," SÄPO describes the “autonomous” left activists as the "major threat" and the government launches actions against "radicalism".

It is time to wake up. The exposure of Nazi and far-right crimes is absolutely necessary for all those who want a democratic society. We must actively fight the Nazis; those who are affected by violence are entitled to organize their own self-defence. Only big and strong demonstrations can prevent the Nazis from attacking and striking fear into the population.

The police, the SÄPO, the government and the mass media should stop pretending that the fault is on both sides and stirring up Islamophobia so as to minimize the deadly violence of right-wing extremism. The Nazis are murderers!

The situation is serious. Socialistiska Partiet appeals to all democratic forces, to all social and trade-union movements, to help create a broad movement against the actions of the Nazis. Let us remain united! Drive them out! Never bend before them!