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Stop far right violence in Ukraine!

Call for Solidarity

Monday 16 September 2013, by Ilya Budraitskis

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On September 11, another activist of libertarian student union “Direct Action” was attacked by three masked neo-Nazi. The attack happened in Kyiv in a public place in the city centre. Three thugs approached the activist and asked if he was gay. Then the two offenders started beating him, while the third one was video recording the attack. The activist fainted and a passerby who witnessed the attack called ambulance and police.

Pavlo Myronov is in the hospital with brain concussion and partial memory loss.

This is the second attack of this kind in a month. On August 22, wo neo-Nazi with their faces covered pepper sprayed and attacked another activist, Bohdan Biletsky, who was also hospitalized with brain concussion and released from hospital only three days before the next attack.

Attacks like these have been happening rather frequentely and systematically lately. In several cases the attackers were recognized as either members of far right party Svoboda or associated with it. Totally, more than a dozen attacks happened during the years 2012-2013 but only a few of them received media attention. The police is constantly turning a blind eye on these cases.

Far right consider physical violence to be an appropriate means of suppressing their opponents. People in Ukraine get beaten up to unconsciousness for struggling for student freedoms, economic justice and being faithful to trade union and feminist agenda. As both police and media ignore all these cases, the only way to stop the far right terror is to pressure the police and the media by international attention. So we ask you for solidarity!