Climate Change:

Occupy COP19!

March and Train to Warsaw

Friday 6 September 2013

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This year, the international climate negotiations are taking place in Warsaw from 11 to 22 November. This conference (Conference of the Parties, COP) organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is being held for the nineteenth time. For too long we have been silent. We need action! Governments are failing to bring forward sustainable proposals and we cannot stay on the sidelines and wait. In addition, we see that it is not our planet, but the big companies that profit from these negotiations by imposing a “green” economy, leaving the people to pay the bill.

On the barricades!
Although there is a growing force in society and solutions are being proposed among citizens, we must keep up the pressure on governments. The discourse which claims that everyone can help save the environment by taking up cycling, turning off the light or buying organic products is only half true. Governments have to take responsibility and cannot simply wait for changes in daily habits. We need to organize, mobilize and take to the streets to urge governments to take action.

Take to the streets of Warsaw!
During the negotiations in Copenhagen, the international climate movement was very strong. Thousands of people mobilized for the giant event "Planet First - People First." We are looking at a similar event during COP19, where we take to the streets of Warsaw in a march for climate and social justice. Great social changes are always initiated by a mobilization of the people and by demonstrations. Since the beginning of the economic crisis, international movements have increased. Now is the time to mobilize again and to combine our demands: sustainable solutions for climate and social justice.

Join us!

Join us and support this initiative, with the "Klimaat and Social Rechtvaardigheid - Climate and Social Justice" movement and the Belgian-Polish group for the climate.

We also want to know if you plan to go to Warsaw with your organization.Let us know here. If you want your logo to be added to the website, send a high quality version to Note that this concerns only the march and not the train.

Spread the word as widely as you can. Like our Facebook page and share it with your friends, family or colleagues. You can also find practical tools (leaflets or banners) here

Practical information on the march

The march will be held in Warsaw on Saturday, November 16, in the afternoon. We do not at present have any concrete plans, but they will follow soon! We will update information on time, place, transportation, etc. Visit this page regularly or subscribe to our mailing list.

Train to Warsaw

We want to bring 1000 people to Warsaw by train to join the march. Traveling by train is comfortable and environmentally friendly. There will be food and drink, music, meeting new people and late night discussions. The ideal combination for an unforgettable weekend!

We will leave Brussels on Friday, November 15 in the afternoon to join the march on November 16. On Sunday free time is scheduled in Warsaw and on Monday 18 at 6.30 in the morning we will be back in Brussels. Yes, it is a very short trip and it will be an exhausting journey, but we want to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to join us, without sacrificing their holiday time. Moreover, we are not going there to listen for days on end to the negotiations that will be taking place, we are going en masse to show that we will no longer accept false solutions. It is time for our voices to be heard, and we demand climate and social solutions!

It is possible to board the train in Aix -la-Chapelle, Cologne, Berlin and Poznan. If your organization wants to mobilize from Germany and Poland, let us know! Individuals can also embark at these stations; just mention it on the registration form. However, ticket prices will remain unchanged because of administrative constraints.
We already organized a train from Brussels to Copenhagen in 2009 to join the event “People First, Planet First” during COP15. We have already some experience. We mobilized nearly 1000 people, which put the climate issue on the agenda of Belgian politics
We need your commitment to make this trip possible!

1. Join us

We can hire an SNCB train to go to Warsaw, but we have have to pay the rental of the train. The price is relatively stable, regardless of the number of wagons. What costs the most is the locomotive, the workers, the use of the rails, etc. That all comes to roughly 75,000 euros, with not much difference whether we use 3 or 10 cars wagons.
500 people = 150 euro per person
> 750 people = 100 euro per person

The train will become a reality if we have 500 people by the end of September. Register now and invite your family, friends or acquaintances to join the train!

2. Support

We are also looking for people to financially support this initiative. If you cannot not join us, you can always make a donation (click here). Your donations will be directly used (1) to help people who lack financial resources; and (2) to lower the price for everyone. Imagine that we receive 75,000 euros ... The trip would be free!

The ticket price includes only the round trip Brussels -Warsaw. We will offer vegan meals on the train, to be ordered in advance and paid for separately (more details later). Our partners in Warsaw are working hard to find us cheap (or free) accommodations in homes, schools, abandoned factories, etc. We will provide a warm bed for everyone, since it will be cold in November!

We will also plan entertainment, a radio, a small Oxfam shop, beer, etc! You can come either individually or with your organization. As in 2009, it will be possible for organizations to book a (half) wagon and put up their flags/posters, to make it all more enjoyable.

We are waiting for you on the train, don’t miss it!

Click here for registration information.