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Toba Tek Singh water movement launched

“Clean water a basic human right” IIRE Islamabad seminar held

Sunday 30 June 2013, by Nisar Shah

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At a seminar in a local hotel, Toba Tek Singh Paani Tehreek (water movement) was launched by the participants and decided to raise the issue of clean water through mass mobilization in the city. The seminar “Clean water a basic human right” was organized by International Institute For Research and Education (IIRE) Islamabad in cooperation with Awami Workers Party and Valiant Social Welfare Organization.

The seminar was chaired by Ijaz Iqbal and was addressed by Mian Mohammed Rafique MPA, Farooq Tariq general secretary Awami Workers Party, Zubair Fateh, Aamir Ghuman, G. M. Gunjera, Asif Nadeem and Tariq Mehmood. A 26 members committee was elected at the seminar to gear up the campaign for clean water for all Toba Tek Singh citizens.

Speaking on the occasion, Farooq Tariq said that almost half of the city is suffering from different illnesses caused by dirty drinking. Quoting a research, he said that 90 percent of Toba Tek Singh citizens are not provided clean healthy water. The PPP and PMLN representatives during the last 30 years failed to solve this basic human issue of the city.

Announcement of 850 million Rupees project for clean water for the city by PMLN did not materialized because the amount was not released and spent on Lahore development projects, he said. There is not sufficient water provided by the municipal corporation of the city and no due attention is been given to solve the issue. Farooq Tariq said that we must do something to change the situation and start a campaign for the clean water for every citizen.

Mian Rafique MPA from PMLN said that water is basic human right and I have tried to give priority to my constituency during my last tenure and I will do my best to raise the issue with the relevant quarters for the salvation of the problem. He said that he will fight the bureaucratic red tapism in the progress of this project initiated by PMLN for clean water.

A 26 members Toba Paani Tehreek was elected at the seminar with a view of extending it and decided to launch a clean water Movement for the citizens.