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Hundreds of thousands of protesters opposed repression at Syntagma Square - we will continue the fight until we drive them out!

Statement by Antarsya

Monday 13 February 2012, by Antarsya

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ANTARSYA is on the side of hundreds of thousands who demonstrated on the streets of Athens, at Syntagma Square and in other cities across the country. The massiveness of the militancy, the political orientation, persistence, and the rebellious attitude with which the workers and young people have been protesting for hours, demonstrate that we are entering a new phase.

The government met the demonstrators with the same force and fury as Mubarak in Tahrir Square one year ago, as he tried to evict the protesters. It will get exactly the same answer, and the one it deserves! We will not work with the wages of the memorandum and appeal to all to take the path of the steel workers and to start a continuous strike until we drive them all out!

The police were determined to expel and to hunt thousands of angry demonstrators, who stood for hours at Syntagma Square, with tons of chemicals, which even elicited damage to buildings and arson.

The mass popular movement can take the initiative and overthrow the ruling coalition government of the black front. It can abolish the credit agreement and the rule of the anti-social slaughter-house of government - EU - IMF - capital.

The opposing camp, the political staff of banks, of the capitalists’ association SEV and the multinational corporations, the parties PASOK, the right-wing "New Democracy", the far-right LAOS, DISY (an ultra-neoliberal split from ND), are further subjected to vibration. The bourgeois parties are in a decomposition process, the memorandum eats its children.

The ideological terror, mendacity, the vulgar blackmail and the state - police repression of a fascist type are the key instruments to impose the "rescue" measures.

Today’s massive police operation, which early aimed at the dissolution of the demonstration at Syntagma Square, before the meeting began, the hours of brutal attacks on the demonstrators bring the true intentions of the government against the "enemy nation" to the fore. This coincides with the attempt to create a "forbidden zone" for demonstrations at Syntagma Square.

The militant demonstrators and the rebellious young people are resisting for hours, still remain with undaunted courage on the streets, entered into the cordoned-off zone in front of the parliament and continue to demonstrate, despite all the terror police in front of parliament.

Such militant minded people are not to be defeated. The fight does not end today. It will continue tomorrow and every day until the final victory.

The victory is difficult, but it will be ours!

Sunday, February 12, 2012, 22.45.