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Unite for the success of the mass national general strike: The strike of dignity!

Declaration from Damascus of the Syrian Revolutionary Left Tendency *

Wednesday 28 December 2011, by Syrian Revolutionary Left Tendency

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A collective call for the mass general strike which will begin on December 11, 2011 has been launched. This call is the first common initiative of all the structures and groups engaged in the popular revolution, which constitutes in itself a significant positive development for the unification of popular and political energies in the revolution against the regime of arbitrariness, oppression and exploitation. We consider that this amounts to a qualitative step towards its fall.

We call on all the comrades, group and persons of the left engaged in the permanent popular revolution, as well as all those who support liberty, equality and social justice, to participate effectively and seriously in the success of the mass general strike— the strike of dignity — and to consider it as an important and essential step on the path of the reappropriation by the masses of the initiative to decide the destiny and future of their country. It is necessary to appeal broadly and participate, to organise seriously and effectively everywhere we are. Participation presupposes setting up action committees common to all the forces and individuals involved to realise the best organisation and management of everyday life.

The future of our people and of its country can only be decided on by the masses of our country. The fall of the regime and the building of a Syria of liberty and justice are up to the insurgent popular masses now and to those who will not fail to rally to the revolution shortly. It is our stake, it is the path to the victory, liberty and sovereignty of our people. The mass general strike will lead there.

The regime of the ruling clique has failed to break the determination of the insurgent masses just as it has failed to lead them into the hell of confessional or civil war, or to make weapons the sole expression of confrontation. Nor has it succeeded in diverting the masse who count on their determination to bring it down or in making them believe that armed foreign intervention would be their sole salvation… It has failed in all its attempts to crush or to divert the magnificent popular revolution… and it finds itself today as in the first days of the revolution face to face with an insurgent people which will not delay in bringing it down and wiping out this dark stain in the history of our country.

Let’s participate together in the mass general strike, the strike of dignity, until the fall of the regime and victory!

We call for a united front of all the forces of the revolution to bring down this bloodthirsty regime!

We call for the unification of the revolutionary left!

Long live the struggle of the Syrian popular masses for the fall of the regime and for liberty, democracy, social justice and equality!

Long live the Arab permanent popular revolutions!

Damascus, December 7, 2011

* The Syrian Revolutionary Left Tendency is a group uniting revolutionary Marxists in Syria and in exile.