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Call by Antarsya for the demonstration on Friday 4 November

Klafthmonos Sq., 19h

Thursday 3 November 2011

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The situation in Greece is changing rapidly. This call by the radical anti-capitalist left coalition Antarsya for the demonstration on Friday 4 November was made on the morning of Thursday 3 November.[IVP]

The explosive interference of the people’s struggle at the forefront of the political developments is shocking both the government of the Memorandum and the Troika and the entire political system. This fact leads the government to an open crisis, to the collapse and to the need to look for “lifebelts” for their survival. With the choice of the Vote of Confidence in the parliament and the proclamation of the Referendum, the government is hoping to intimidate the consensus of the people to the “social massacre” that they are preparing along with UE and IMF. We say that in any case the anger and the social disapproval should be at the forefront, the big NO to the misery should be heard and new paths of social rupture and anticapitalist struggle should be opened.

On Friday the collapsing government of the Memorandum will try to stay in power and gain the Vote of confidence. Don’t let them stay in power; they should be brought down by the pressure of popular mobilization. The Parliament should be, once again, encircled by the people’s anger.

The demonstration outside the Parliament on Friday should be united, militant and disobedient. In such a struggle neither the proprietary logics are welcome nor the strictly protected party contingents. What we need is that Syntagma Square should be floated by the people of the struggle, by the workers and the young people, by the trade unions and the students’ unions, by the peoples’ assemblies and the various committees of struggle, by the parties and the organizations of the Left in a big demonstration.

As Antarsya we insist on the path of the militant front for breaking and overthrowing the current system, as well as on the radical united action of the Left. We fight for the escalation of the struggles through longtime stirkes, occupations and militant demonstrations; for the self-organization of the masses and the peoples’ solidarity; for overthrowing the “massacre” of the government-UE-IMF and every potential administrator of the same policy, for getting rid of the dictatorship of the markets and the bankers.

We call on the workers and the young people, the trade unions and the students’ unions, the assemblies and the committees of struggle to support the demonstration that is organized by the Co-ordination of the rank-and-file trade unions on Friday 4 November, 19h, in Klafthmonos Square and then to march up to the Parliament.