Anti-G8/G20 in Europe

G8 out

Social movements and citizens mobilize, 21-22 May in Le Havre

Thursday 5 May 2011, by French collective G8/G20 2011

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Thirty four citizens’ organizations - associations, trade unions, social movements and citizens – are calling for a mobilization on 21-22 May 22 against the illegitimate G8.

The G8 will meet in Deauville on 26-27 May. The eight most powerful heads of state share the responsibility for a sombre heritage: thirty five years of models and policies whose impasses can now be clearly seen all over the world. These models worsen inequalities, between the countries of the North and those of the South, as well as within the rich countries themselves, and render increasingly fragile the very future of the planet. The popular revolts in the Arab world and in the Middle East demand social justice and democracy. In Japan, the catastrophe of Fukushima makes it imperative to reorganize energy choices. And in Europe, citizens oppose massively the austerity plans which lead to the dismantling of public services and social protection, while the people of the poor countries demand that the richest countries put an end to the plundering of their wealth and keep to their commitments regarding international solidarity. On every continent, the populations organize to impose respect of their rights…

Our organizations, united in the French collective G8/G20 2011, share a conviction: the access of everyone to fundamental human rights and the protection of our planet necessitate a just sharing out of wealth, other types of development and democratic management of common property.
Against the G8, they are calling for a weekend of mobilizations on 21-22 May in Le Havre. Throughout the weekend, the city will be open to all those who refuse that a self-appointed minority should decide in the name of the people, and who want to show, through their practices and their proposals, what alternative paths exist. Alongside us, representatives of social movements and citizens of the whole world will take part in this weekend of mobilizations, to express the voice of the people and their resistance, for peace and democracy, social and ecological justice.

The programme for the weekend:

Saturday May 21
from 3 p.m.: International march through the streets of Le Havre
In the evening: International meeting and concert.

Sunday May 22 all day: Citizen Forums around the University.

April 15, 2011