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Women lead fight for land rights in Okara

Tuesday 12 April 2011, by Riffat Maqsood

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Over 2000 peasant women participated in this massive convention attend by over 10,000. It was one of the largest gatherings of the peasants this year in Pakistan. The tenants of Okara are fighting for land rights since 2000. General Musharaf tried to kick them out but failed miserably because of the fierce resistance put up by these tenants. Women took the lead at the time.

Benazhir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif, both had promised at the time that if they come into power, thy will award land rights to the tenants. The tenants are working on these lands for over 100 years. This promise is not yet fulfilled and the movement still goes on.

Women Workers Help Line has been assisting this movement for long time along with other social movements and organisations. On 6th April 2011, four women were among the 10 main speakers at the peasant convention. Bushra Khaliq member federal committee Labour Party Pakistan, Nazli javed of Labour Education Foundation, Badaru Nisa of Anjaman Mozareen Punjab Okara and myself as general secretary Women Workers help Line spoke on the occasion and got very good response.

We spoke of equal land rights for peasant women, against domestic violence and lead role of women in the struggle for land rights.

The AMP, organizers of the event have given a deadline of 14th August 2011 for the acceptance of the demands and warned the government if they failed to implement their promises, we will have no option but to march to Lahore and picket line the chief minister home at Raiwaind.