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Glory for the fallen fighters! Victory for the Revolution!

Calling all Eygptian workers

Monday 18 April 2011, by Declaration of the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt

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Taking place right now is the greatest popular revolution in our country’s history and the whole Arabic world. The Sacrifice of our fallen brothers and sisters, has made the revolution successful and based upon that success, we have torn down every boundary of fear that we have had in the past. However, until we achieve the complete eradication of the criminal “leaders” and their selfish, self-serving system, we are not going to step away from our path.

Demonstrations and protest assemblies have had a key role in our revolution’s flare up and its continuation. Now, not only do we need the workers participation in the reformation of the rebound regime’s destiny through participation in demonstrations, but also by organizing a general strike in all key industries and large corporations.

The regime may be able to withstand demonstrations and sit ins for days and weeks but when the workers use the weapon of strike, the regime will not survive more than a few hours! Strikes must be held in railroads, airports and all forms of public transportation, and in major and minor factories…! Workers of Egypt! Join the revolution’s line, for the sake of the courageous, rebellious youth, for the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters, use your power to shape a new society, that honors all individuals equally! Victory is at hand, the eyes of the World are upon us. We will be victorious!!!

Immediately form Revolutionary Councils…

This revolution has gone further than our highest expectations. No one expected to see such great crowds. Nobody expected Egyptians to be so courageous and so bold! No one can ever say it was not us who forced the dictator to retreat. No one can say that nothing has occurred in Tahrir Square.

What we need now is to put into place, social-economic demands, as part of our expectations, so that the person who is sitting in the corner of her/his house will understand that we are fighting for their rights…. We must organize Peoples’ Committees so that they themselves may select members of higher councils and lower councils in a democratic form. These councils should form a higher council that will include representatives from all walks of life. We must select the people’s highest council to represent all of us in a manner that we trust. We now call upon everyone, to form the People’s Councils in Tahrir Square and in all cities of Egypt.

Revolutionary Socialist on the role of the army:

Everyone is asking; is the army with the people or against them?
The army is not a single block. The interest of the soldiers and lower officers are the same as people’s interests. But the high ranking officers are Hosni Mubarak’s hirelings, selected carefully to protect the regime of corruption, wealth and autocracy. They are an inseparable part of the system. They must be replaced!

This is not yet, a people’s army. This is not the same army that defeated the Zionist enemy in October 1973. This army is indivisibly bonded to the U.S. and Israel. It plays the role of protecting Israel, and American interest’s, not the people of Egypt… Yes, we want to convince the soldiers of the revolution to continue to work with us but we should not be lulled into complacency by the slogan, “the Army is next to us.” Either the army directly represses the demonstrations or, the Army changes the Police structure that plays the role of Mubarak’s puppet and brutal enforcer. The time is now, the choice of a free and open society is ours!!!

Tahrir Square, February 1st 2011