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Portuguese Left Bloc condemns attacks on Libya

Monday 21 March 2011, by Françisco Louçã

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Francisco Louçã states that "the left which stands against military aggression can never accept the kind of violence which is being visited upon Libya ”.

The coordinator of the political committee of the Left Bloc has spoken out against the bombing of Libya on the grounds that "bombing an Arab country will have an incendiary effect in the Arab world", and has called for Portugal to adopt a policy of peace.

According to the news agency Lusa, Francisco Louçã recalled the basic idea of Futurism, a movement "created by a group of right-wing artists, who argued that war is beautiful, that the machinery of war is beautiful and the destruction of War is the greatest beauty of all time". According to Louçã it is remarkable that after all the drama of the wars that marked the past century and despite all that we know about the legacy of destruction left behind by these wars we continue to see "beautiful" cruise missiles being used to attack a country.

The leader of the bloc said that "war can never be a solution" and recalled that those who are now attacking Libya previously supported despots like Gaddafi, Ben-Ali and Mubarak.

In relation to the position of Portugal, Louçã also recalled that the Portuguese Air Force participated in the recent celebrations of 40 years of Gaddafi’s regime in Tripoli and that Foreign Minister Luís Amado went into Gaddafi’s tent to greet the dictator. Louçã argued that Portugal should act with "sensitivity" in relation to Libya:

"We have to have the wisdom of the politics of peace, to abandon the incendiary politics of the EU and the US", he said.