Not in our name!

The war in Libya, foreign military occupation in Bahrain and the destruction of the Arab revolutions.

Monday 21 March 2011, by Mogniss H. Abdallah

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Thus, the difficult debate on the introduction of a “no fly zone” in Libya has led to a UN resolution that constitutes a green light for an international military intervention in Libya. Without terrestrial military “occupation”, it is specified. At the same time, the Saudi army and the emirate’s police are disembarking in Bahrain to take part in the crushing of a democratic and peaceful revolution: a military attack was made Wednesday, March 16, 2011 to dismantle the camp in Pearl Square, re-named Tahrir Square in explicit reference to the Egyptian revolution. Helicopters shot at the people: there have deaths, dozens of wounded who cannot reach Manama hospital under siege by the Saudi army and armoured tanks. The regime has decreed martial law and arrested figures from the democratic opposition , both Shiite and Sunni. In Bahrain a protest movement for civile rights has been met by repression under foreign military occupation… and under the surveillance of U.S. 5th fleet which already has a naval base there.

Certain countries, like the United Arab Emirates, which are openly taking part in the militaro-police occupation of Bahrain, were also volunteers for the international intervention in Libya. Thus, regimes directly involved in repression in one Arab country, claim to act against repression and massacres in another Arab country? What hypocrisy! International solidarity militants cannot accept under any pretext this duplicity that threatens the future of the democratic revolutions in progress in the whole of the Arab, Arabo-Berber and African world. ? In any case, and beyond the necessary evaluation of the complex geostrategic interests concerned, we should seriously question our role in the current situation. How could we be pleased withe increasing militarization in Libya and elsewhere?

I would like to say frankly to sincere Libyan friends in their aspirations with freedom: we unconditionally condemn the massacres of the population in Libya by Kadhafi and his regime. But I am outraged by the slogans “One, two, three, Viva Sarkozy” shouted in Benghazi, and by the association of the National Council of Transition with the saber-rattling Bernard Henri Levy.

Libyan friends, I would like also to intend you to clearly condemn the racist exactions and the threats on a large scale against the African, Egyptian and different black migrants, who compose a quarter of the population of the country. I would like to see you supporting all the people in struggle, starting with those of Bahrain and of Yemen, today victims of a terrible repression carried out with the direct complicity of those who in addition claim to be coming to your rescue. ?

International solidarity friends, when we support the Libyan people, let us not hide our solidarity with the fights of all the Arab people. And let us not be afraid of debates between us, including with our Libyan comrades. No to unity on a minimal basis! Let us not be an accessory to the balkanization of Libya and the countries in the area. Also let us remember the precedent of Somalia dismantled under the auspices of an international militaro-humanitarian intervention under the pretty name of “Restore hope”.

Paris, March 18th, 2011