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Stop the coup attempt in Ecuador against the Correa government

Saturday 2 October 2010

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Throughout the day on September 30th there have been a series of serious events in Ecuador that clearly indicate an attempted coup to overthrow the government of Correa through violent action by elements of the police force, who detained Correa himself for several hours, until he was freed by the military.

So far, the coup leaders have not achieved their objective. While appearing as a police protest against government decisions, the dynamics of that protest – in which Correa himself was wounded and detained – are the dynamics of a coup. The response of many social organizations, unions, political groups, feminists, peasants and indigenous people in Ecuador – even though some of them put their criticisms of the government first, have been echoed around the world and many voices have been raised in protest against this coup attempt that seeks to seize the moment of confusion to advance the right-wing offensive sponsored by imperialism and remove one of the progressive governments of Latin America.

In Mexico various organizations immediately called for demonstrations of support and solidarity. Today and tomorrow, in front of the Ecuadorean embassy in Mexico City, there have been called, especially by the MMSC, protest vigils against the attempted coup.

For our party, the PRT, it is clear that this coup attempt coincides with the imperialist strategy that seeks to curb the social struggles which have developed in recent years in Ecuador and Latin America and have led to significant gains, even in the midst of the contradictions of this process and the justified criticisms that may exist among the population. In spite of these criticisms from the popular movement of the limitations or inconsistencies of the Correa government, it is clear that a coup by the police, and possibly by the military, it will not favour the people’s interests, but on the contrary will seek not only to overthrow Correa but also to sweep aside the conquests and rights of the people. That is why we must oppose this coup attempt by the police.

In this right-wing, reactionary and profoundly undemocratic action, the role of imperialism and the forces of the bourgeoisie and the oligarchy has undoubtedly been present, as it was before in Honduras, and just as it threatened the processes in Bolivia from a racist stance, and in Venezuela with the use of all the media apparatus, but without achieving their objective.

Our support for the Ecuadorean people at this time means first denouncing the coup attempt. There will be time later to discuss the best alternatives. But little progress can be achieved if we allow the bayonets again to silence the liberties of a people such as that of Ecuador. There are many examples in history that have shown us how the installation of the worst military dictatorships in Latin America has begun with military coups aimed at smothering the people’s aspirations to freedom and justice.

We call on all to join the demonstrations of protest against this attempted coup d’etat in Ecuador, with all the strength that we the peoples of the world can muster.

Mexico, D. F. on September 30, 2010.

International Committee of the Workers Revolutionary Party (PRT)

Mexican Section of the Fourth International