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A new socialist party

Thursday 9 December 2004, by Correio da Cidadania

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The people who have set up the Party for Socialism and Liberty (PSoL) merit the respect of the nation. They are serious and courageous political activists, who reject the drift to the right of the Workers Party (PT). Yet, despite all the respect that they deserve, it does not seem that they have made the right political choice.

The manifest deviation in the ideological posture of the PT and the ineffectiveness of the struggle to reverse it inside the party structures (given the monolithic majority which has constituted itself around a veritable political-electoral machine) do not constitute sufficient reasons to create a new socialist party in Brazil.

Before launching a new party, it is necessary to determine precisely the causes of the PT’s drift. That would involve a long contradictory debate, which would necessitate not only an effort at intellectual analysis, but also the experience of new forms of political action, so as not to run the risk of reproducing the errors which have led the PT into the current situation.

We should not forget that the participation of socialists in bourgeois institutions constitutes a contradiction which will only be resolved when socialism will be substituted for capitalism as the form of organization of the economy and of society. Thus the participation of socialists in bourgeois institutional politics can only know partial and temporal solutions, which will be a function of concrete circumstances.

Born a little after the defeat of the strategy of armed struggle, the PT proposed a strategy of institutional struggle, based on two pillars, participation in elections and direct mass pressure, often to the limits of legality. For different reasons, this strategy has not yielded results. But during this time, the conjuncture during which this strategy was formulated was completely transformed by the changes which took place in Brazil and globally.

It does not seem to us prudent, in these circumstances, to offer a new socialist proposition to the Brazilian people.
We do not mean by this critique to “fire on” the PSoL or prevent the fraternal debate that the socialists should lead if they wish to face the serious crisis threatening the country. On the contrary, we recognize the purity of the intentions of the founders of this party, their objective being to open up dialogue through the creation of a new regroupment.
It goes without saying that the columns of the “Correio” are open to contradictory opinions.