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Solidarity against repression in Kazakhstan

Monday 3 May 2010

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On April 27th, Ainur Kurmanov, journalist and political militant, was sentenced to a fortnight’s imprisonment for having reported on a strike picket. The picket was organized by the oppositional social movement "Kazakhstan 2012" to protest against the eviction of the poor from their homes.

Ainur has begun a hunger strike and made an appeal against the sentence. The arrest of this journalist is a sign of the regime’s nervousness faced with the growth of the protest movements and the fear created by the popular insurrection which overthrew the regime in the neighboring state of Kyrgyzstan. In Kazakhstan, the workers will no longer accept the creation of a new middle-class from the old apparatus of the bureaucratic State and enterprise managements. Ten thousand oilworkers were on strike, from March 4th to 19th, for wage demands, the sacking of the directors and the nationalization of their company under workers’ control.