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An investigation is needed...

...investigating the ridiculous allegations against SAP

Sunday 31 January 2010, by Michael Voss

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”We welcome the proposals from a number of political parties for an investigation into the ridiculous allegations put forward by the Police Intelligence Service (PET) and by the PET Commission”, says Michael Voss, member of the Executive Committee of the SAP.

Søren Søndergaard MEP, here pictured as a central leader of the SAP in the 1990s, says "The allegations against our party are the height of absurdity."

A number of politicians has stated that they will call for an investigation to can find the reason why the police did not investigate the PET’s allegation that the Socialist Workers Party (SAP) in the early 90’s planned a jail-brake of the Blekinge Street Gang, and that SAP organized smuggling of illegal immigrants on a huge scale.

“The only kind of liberation we would have considered was liberating the Blekinge Street Gang from the mad idea that bank robbery is a way to promote socialism. SAP was not even near considering smuggling of refugees into Denmark. We were busy supporting those refugees that were already in Denmark,” adds Michael Voss.

The Executive Committee of SAP is calling on a future investigating commission to handle their task quite different from the PET Commission.

“The PET Commission just repeated the allegations of the PET with no critical approach at all – even though the alleged activities took place in the 90’s – a period that the Commission were not asked to look into. On top of that three members and employees of the Commission have written a book on a private basis: In the book they state that they believe in these allegations – still without any kind of documentation or proof,” says Michael Voss.

Michael Voss is convinced that these tales has been published in an attempt to legitimize 20 years of spying and infiltration against SAP that did not reveal anything, and that did not lead to any legal action against SAP at all.

The EC of SAP approached the Commission several times, offering to be interviewed about the activities of SAP in the period of intensive spying and infiltration. But the Commission did never invite the SAP.

“We hope that a new investigation into these allegations will use new, more thorough and more fair methods. If so, we are looking forward be interviewed by a new investigator or commission,” says Michael Voss.