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On January 31, the Greek anti-capitalist left will launch the perspective of its convergence!

Saturday 31 January 2009, by Tassos Anastassiadis

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The revolt of Greek youth (see the document of the Central Committee of the OKDE-Spartakos, Greek section of the Fourth International,) upset political routine, which tended to relegate to the background the contradictions of a capitalism in crisis, in a sadly politicking spectacle, made up of scandals and corruption, of battles between apparatuses without any meaning for people’s lives, which get worse every day.

And this upheaval also goes for the anti-capitalist left, which had up until then demonstrated in practice its usefulness in action, but also the limits of its organisational reality. But now a perspective of unification of its forces, already under discussion for some time, has taken a formidable leap forward with the movement of the masses! The bulk of the forces of the Greek far left have agreed to launch a perspective of more systematic collaboration, by fixing as a first stage a big meeting in an indoor stadium in Athens on January 31, the second phase being a national meeting with elected delegates, which presupposes, of course, considerable progress in establishing structures at a local level all over the country.

The call for the meeting has been launched in particular by the two principal coalitions, EnAntiA and MeRA, which took part in the last legislative elections and which together already bring together a good number of organizations and several thousand militants, but it is not closed. Indeed, there remain organizations and militants who are always sceptical about the possibilities of structural unity of the anti-capitalist left, after so many failed attempts! Indeed, with the exception of the anarchist milieu – wary of political organisation as such - and two Maoist organizations (the ML-KKE and especially the KKE-ML) whose profound mistrust is based rather on organisational patriotism, there is also a part of the anti-capitalist left, certainly small but involving several hundred militants, which is attracted by the sirens of reformism - the Greek Communist Party (KKE) and especially Synaspismos. To build an anti-capitalist left, independent of any manoeuvre that would amount, even disguised behind a radical discourse, to taking part in running the capitalist system – that is the mass challenge that is opening up very concretely today for all the organizations of the far left!

Thanks to the formidable explosion of December - and because today, even though we cannot foresee how this movement will evolve, we can observe its limits - the perspective of building an independent anti-capitalist left, which can make its influence felt in the political situation and in the struggles of the mass of workers, is moving from the phase of preliminaries to that of concrete implementation the. Although it will have to overcome the obstacles inherited from a history of the parallel existence of organisations over a long period, organisations which are not very inclined to emphasise the elements that they have in common (which are, however, obvious!), the guideline is clear for everyone: the objective situation requires an appropriate anti-capitalist response !