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Espacio Alternativo becomes Izquierda Anticapitalista and decides to stand in European elections

Monday 24 November 2008, by Izquierda Anticapitalista

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The section of the Fourth International in the Spanish state has transformed itself into a new political force called "Anticapitalist Left" (IA). It will stand in the June 2009 European elections as part of a European left bloc alongside the New Anticapitalist Party in France whose main spokesperson is Olivier Besancenot.

The new organisation’s logo

Espacio Alternativo (Alternative space) took this decision at a special Conference in Madrid on November 22. The decision to stand in the elections was taken with 70% voting in favour, 22% against and 8% abstaining. The new name of the party was also adopted by 70%.

After this Conference, Anticapitalist Left will start a campaign to collect the 15,000 voters’ signatures necessary to be able to stand candidates. This campaign is an initiative that’s open to all left-wing social, union and intellectual activists.

This editorial appeared at Espacio Alternativo.