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LCR debates stimulate broad interest

Present at the congress

Friday 8 February 2008, by François Duval

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The number and scope of the French and international delegations at the 17th LCR Congress proves the interest in our current debates.

From France a very large number of political, labour and voluntary sector organisations and figures answered LCR’s invitation, either by actually attending or sending greetings: the following labour organisations: CGT, CFDT, L’Union syndicale Solidaires, Confédération nationale du travail (CNT), CGT National Unemployed Workers’ Collective, A. Mosconi (Corsican Workers’ Union), as well as the Human Rights League, the Collective for the defence of public services, Aides (AIDS coalition, the French Communist Party (PCF),les Alternatifs, the Revolutionary Left (Gauche révolutionnaire), Lutte Ouvrière (Workers’ Struggle), L’Alternative libertaire (Libertarian Alternative) the Étincelle fraction of LO, the Greens, MARS- Republican left, For the Social Republic (PRS), the Coordination of united antiliberal collectives, A manca nazuinale (Corsica) Maron (Movement for a Reunion Island alternative to the neoliberal order) and the magazine Regards.

Among international guests, we also note the presence of Left Bloc (Portugal), Espacio alternativo (Spanish State, OKDE-Spartakos (Greek section of the 4th International), Synapismos (Greece), NAR (New leftist current in Greece),Solidarities (Switzerland), Movement for Socialism and Anticapitalist Left (Switzerland), RSB and ISL from Germany, the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Party from Britain, LCR-SAP (Belgium), the Cuban Communist Party, RCG (Lebanese section of the 4th International, the Lebanese Communist Party and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Finally, during the last session of the congress, Italian MP Salvatore Cannavò provided an overview of the Italian political crisis, the failure of the centre-left and presented the process Sinistra critica (Critical Left) is now undertaking. He concluded by emphasising convergences with the LCR’s project for a new anticapitalist party.