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Poland - Strike

Urgent support needed for striking miners

International appeal from ’Budryk’ workers

Thursday 3 January 2008, by Krzysztof ?ab?d?

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The Strike Committee of KWK ’Budryk’, in the name of the striking
workforce, turns to all working people with an appeal for help.

Krzysztof ?ab?d?
Image: wzz.org.pl

Please note an update to the bank details in this appeal - IV

A protest has been underway since 13 December 2007 in the Coal Mine
Budryk’. This protest began with a hunger strike and on 17 December the
workforce took the unanimous decision to begin an indefinite strike.
The miners from ’Budryk’ are demanding equal pay to the level of employees
of Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa (Jastrzebska Coal Company), which their mine
is to become a part of. The miners of ’Budryk’ only want to be treated
equally with other employees! Employees of ’Budryk’ have the lowest wages in
the whole of the mining industry despite a productivity which is twice as

The management board of ’Budryk’ have not undertaken negotiations in the
framework of collective bargaining and have thereby broken the law, which
has escalated the tension among the mine’s employees.
We are turning to all working people with an appeal for support for our
protest. We are asking for financial support for the striking miners, who
management are trying to force economically to end the strike. We will not
give in, the people who can give in are our families and children, who are
threatened with a lack of financial means to live. If they break us today,
then later they can break you.

Let’s prove that international workers solidarity is not an empty slogan.
Individuals and institutions who are prepared to support financially the
families of the striking miners are requested to make payments to the
following account:


IBAN : PL 23 8454 1053 2001 0041 5426 0001

with the annotation: ’Support fund for families of striking miners of

Name of bank: Orzesko-Knurowski Bank Spoldzielczy oddzial Ornontowice

On behalf of the Strike Committee of the Coal Mine ’Budryk’. Ornontowice, 29 December 2007