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120 attend Gramsci conference

Monday 10 December 2007, by Bertil Videt, Sara R. Farris

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Saturday’s Gramsci conference in Amsterdam turned out to be a big success, both in terms of participation and discussions.

With 120 registrations, much more than expected, the organisers were forced to turn away some people who wanted to participate.

On Saturday the International Institute for Research and Education hosted, in co-operation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, a one-day seminar on the legacy and relevance of Antonio Gramsci’s thought today.

The composition of the audience was very various: students, academics, workers and a good gender balance. There were also many young people, mainly students, who came in order to understand the revolutionary thought of Gramsci. The participant came form different backgrounds, and people even took the trip from Turkey, Germany and Belgium to attend the conference.

The debates were in general of a high quality, where the IIRE proved able to interact constructively with different currents of the socialist movement. The conference was divided into three sessions, dealing with various aspects of Gramsci’s thought.

The conference is a part of the re-launch of the IIRE, with which the Institute aims at becoming a visible and dynamic centre for the development of critical thought – in the service of progressive forces around the world.

The event ended with a convivial Sardinian dinner, in which 35 people participated.

All sessions have been recorded as mp3 files, and will be available from the IIRE website as soon as possible. Photos from the conference can be seen online.