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Farooq Tariq arrested

Letter from Labour Party Pakistan

Saturday 5 May 2007, by Labour Party Pakistan

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The General Secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan , comrade Farooq Tariq was arrested from his Lahore office by a heavy contingent of Punjab Police at 1:30 p.m on Friday 4 May. He has been taken to Garhi Shahu police station, Lahore, where he is being detained.

Farooq Tariq

It may be mentioned that Farooq Tariq and Labour Party Pakistan has been in the forefront in the ongoing movement for restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan, IftekharMohammed Chaudhry. Farooq Tariq is among the leading activists organizing tomorrow’s reception in the honour of the Chief Justice.

Farooq Tariq was aware about his possible arrest as a news item
has already been published about a list of persons may be arrested in
Daily Jang. When he contacted the police station about the mention of
his name in list of persons who might be arrested, the police officers
denied this news item was true. So Farooq was relaxed and was doing his work as usual at party office. But suddenly a police van reached at 1.30 pm
before his office and men in uniform rushed to his office to arrest him.

Labour Party Pakistan thinks the purpose of the arrest is to stop the LPP
from exercising its democratic right to protest. We condemn his illegal
arrest and demands immediate release.

We will keep you update regarding arrest of Farooq Tariq.


Khaliq Shah on behalf of LPP