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Fourth International Summer Camp July 2006

A new generation to build a new Europe!

Tuesday 30 May 2006

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The 23rd youth camp of the Fourth International will take place near Perugia in Italy from 29th July to 5th August.

Over 500 young people from all over Europe are expected to come together for a week of political discussion, exchange of experience, self-organisation and having a good time. They will discuss the neoliberal offensive in all its forms - from the war in Iraq to the war on the right to free education- plan the fightback and map out the strategy necessary to gain another Europe, another world while at the same time finding out at first hand what’s the same and what’s differnt in the politics and partying of each country.

For more information:


Italy:Sinistra Critica

Catalonia: Revolta Global

France JCR-Red

Sweden ungsocialisterna

Netherlands: www.grenzeloos.org/zomerkamp/

Denmark: www.isul.org

Germany: RSB


www.sap-pos.org/camp (FR)

Spanish state: Espacio Alternativo

or email IVP using the ’Contact Us’ form in the left column. Or you can write to International Viewpoint PO Box 112, Manchester M12 5DW, Britain.

Delegates at last year’s camp