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IV498 - July 2016

Latest update : 22 September 2016.


[1Unlike Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, Syria’s roughly 2 million Kurds inhabit several non-contiguous regions. Before the uprising, approximately 30% of the Syrian Kurdish population lived in the highlands northwest of Aleppo, known as Kurd Dagh. The Ain al-?Arab-Kobani region, where the Euphrates flows into Syrian territory, was home to roughly 10%, while 40% lived in the north-eastern half of the al-Jazirah governorate. The remainder is settled in urban neighborhoods across the country, such as the Hayy al-Akrad suburb of Damascus. See Gary C. Gambill, Gary C., “The Kurdish Reawakening in Syria”, in Middle East Forum, Vol. 6, No. 4 (2004). Available at http://www.meforum.org/meib/article...