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Left Front

Left Front was founded at the appeal of the three parties in Brazil: PSOL, PSTU and PCB. The PSOL (Party for Socialism and Liberty) was founded in 2004 after the expulsion from the Workers’ Party (PT) in December 2003, of the senator Heloísa Helena and the deputies Babá, Luciana Genro and João Fontes for their opposition to the counter-reform of pensions carried out by the Lula government and more generally their demand for the respecting of the historic commitments of the PT by the Lula government. The PSTU (Socialist Party of United Workers) is a Trotskyist organisation of the so-called “Morenist” current LIT-CI, founded when this current decided to leave the Workers Party in 1994. The “historic” PCB (Brazilian Communist Party), which was pro-Moscow, is today a small left party.

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