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Chie Matsumoto

Chie Matsumoto worked as a reporter for Asahi Evening News and International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun, and as a Tokyo correspondent for German Press Agency, dpa. She became independent in 2009 and established Chie Matsumoto Media Link LLC. She is a regular host to Labornet TV, Tent Color, Girls TV after Work and other internet programs. While also being involved in Japan’s civil society in the areas of labor, anti-nuclear, gender and other minority issues, she gives lectures on her journalistic work and teaches translation, as well as use of internet-based media. Co-author of “Katsudoka Iccho Agari! Shakai ni Monoiu Hajimeno Ippo (Voila, activists! The first step to raise your voice)” (NHK Shuppan Shinsho Publishing, 2011) and “Manga de Wakaru Burakku Kigyo (Learning about black corporations through manga)” (Godo Shuppan Publishing, 2013).