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Latin America - a Continent Turns Left

Sunday 26 February 2006

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International Viewpoint has collected a series of articles about Bolivia and Venezuela, downloadable in pdf format, which can be printed off individually or used by organisations for meetings, demonstrations and other activities.

From the introduction by Francois Sabado:

"Latin America has veered left. The combined outcome of a rejection of liberalism and mass movement resistance - some forms of which have opened onto pre-revolutionary situations in recent years, as in Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia - the traditional right has undergone a series of electoral defeats. The next will most likely be the Mexican,
Peruvian and Nicaraguan rights. Colombia is the only major country where the reactionary right will in all likelihood continue to govern, with paramilitary support.

This situation is provoking new inter-capitalist contradictions, in particular new tensions with US
imperialism. There is an option of “confrontation”, which remains the choice of the Bush administration, of the reactionary right of most countries, and which can even take
the path of military interventions,in particular around Plan Colombia,a country where “US military advisers” are already present. But, at the present juncture, the US presence
in Latin America is weakened by US strategic involvement in Iraq, in the Middle East and in Central Asia. Despite the US military power, it is proving hard to occupy Iraq through military means ...along with another country, in
Latin America!"

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