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Fourth International

22nd International Revolutionary Youth Camp held

Monday 1 August 2005

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The 22nd camp organised by youth organisations in solidarity with the Fourth International took place in Barbaste in south-west France in the last week of July. This initiative brought together over 400 young activists from all over Europe as well as a delegation from the Philippines, and representatives from South Korea, Ivory Coast and North Africa.

Wide-ranging discussions covered different aspects of the international situation and the activity of radical youth, in the global justice movement, against war, against attacks on the right to education as well as in solidarity with the youth, workers and oppressed struggling world-wide.

Among the conclusions were to ensure a presence at the ESF in Athens in 2006, to co-ordinate at a European level activity in student struggles and to organise an FI youth brigade to Venezuela next year to learn at first hand the processes of the Bolivarian revolution.

The final rally learnt with great enthusiasm that the camp next year will beorganised by the Italian delegation.