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Fourth International

Fourth International leadership meets

Friday 18 March 2005

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In late February/early March 2005 the second plenary session of the International Committee, the leading body of the Fourth International between world congresses, was held in Europe. Around 50 members were present, representing about 20 countries.

The status of permanent observer was accorded to the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) by acclamation. Guests at the meeting included a representative of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) of the United States.

The agenda included the following discussions:

 the international situation and the war in Iraq (a resolution was adopted);

 the development of the international radical anti-capitalist parties network;

 the political situation in the Philippines and the murderous aggression of the (Mao-Stalinist) Communist Party of the Philippines against the whole of the left in this country (a declaration was adopted);

 the policy of the Lula government and orientations for the construction of a socialist alternative in Brazil (two texts of orientation were adopted with a view to pursuing the discussion with the Brazilian comrades [See “On the Brazilian situation” and “Letter from FI leaders”]);

 the political situation in Europe and the campaign against the EU’s constitutional treaty;

 the global justice movement and the future of the world and regional social forums;

 the political situation in Venezuela and solidarity with the “Bolivarian revolution” (a motion on solidarity was adopted).

The delegates from Portugal reported on the electoral campaign of the Left Bloc which had just been successfully concluded. The delegate from Sri Lanka spoke on the initial results of the campaign of solidarity with the victims of the Tsunami led by our comrades of the NSSP. Finally, in closed session, the IC discussed the press of the International and its system of education while adopting the financial balance sheet for 2004 and a budget for 2005.