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Solidarity with Brazilian comrades in struggle: who killed Netinho?

Friday 1 May 2020

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Two years after the assassination of Marielle Franco and with the approach of the Brazilian municipal elections, we learn with great sadness of the execution of Raimundo Gonçalves de Lima Neto in the city of Jundaís (RN). A small entrepreneur in the field of urban cleaning, he was a pre-candidate for the prefecture of the city for the PSOL and dreamed of improving the quality of life of the population.

Netinho, as he was known, was a humble worker, much appreciated and valued by the people of the city. He led the polls with 45% to 50% support, compared to 10-12% for the second placed candidate. A month before this cruel murder, in a meeting to prepare his campaign with Sandro Pimentel (PSOL-RN), he said: “We are now very sure that we can contribute to the realization of my dream, which is to transform the quality of life for the people of my city, but I have only one fear: here, before each election, a candidate is murdered”.

Indeed, the city has a history of significant political violence against those who dare to question the local authorities. And on 11 April, when he returned to his farm, he was surprised by armed murderers, with no possibility of defending himself. This episode of cowardice and extreme violence illustrates the daily life of Brazilian activists born under a government that does not hesitate to flout rights and repress those who dare to raise their voices to demand change. It is a clear attempt to silence those who are trying to improve the living conditions of the popular layers in one of the most unequal countries in the world. This brutal murder must not be forgotten. We demand that justice be done, and we affirm all our solidarity with the Brazilian comrades in struggle.

Netinho, presente !


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