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Sri Lanka

NSSP needs more help to aid tsunami victims

Tuesday 15 March 2005

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We have received nearly Rs.2000000 (US$20,000) from sections of the 4th International and sympathizers in Europe, America and Japan. A small amount in donations has been collected in Sri Lanka by our comrades. First of all please accept our revolutionary salute for the internationalist spirit of the comrades living thousands miles away from Sri Lanka, who have given so genrously.

Without your courageous support, many of our comrades who were affected by the tsunami would have either committed suicide or faced a miserable situation. Many of the tsunami victims are still living in temporary huts supplied by some NGOs with their families.

Now the rains have begun and many of them are no longer able to live in those tents; they have started to move towards school buildings and temples for their shelter. The plan of the government to supply houses to all tsunami victims has not still been realized.

The tsunami victims in many areas have begun to protest against the government. The main slogan of them is "Allow all the tsunami displaced people to live in their own lands.” The government does not allow them to build their houses within the 100 meters from the coast. It shows their inability to reconstruct houses and supply relief for tsunami victims in the North and South.

Sinhala chauvinist forces within the government and outside have started a big campaign against establishing joint tsunami relief program with LTTE (Tamil Tigers). It is mainly the left and some NGOs that have been working among the Tamil and Muslim refugees - and this has angered the Sinhala chauvinist forces.

As a result of that campaign, the government has imposed the tariffs to the goods imported by some NGOs. Those goods are stuck in the harbours and the airports as those organizations cannot afford to pay high taxes. The government is going to impose some laws to control the funds, received from foreign donors for the relief work for tsunami victims of NGO s and anti-government organizations, such as trade unions and political parties. So we also have to work very carefully.

The government wanted to distribute all funds and contributions through Social Services Department. But the people do not agree to that and they have already shown incapacity and corrupt practice of the bureaucratic apparatus of the government.

Our role

The NSSP has already distributed many essential items in Batticaloa in the Eastern province, in Ambalangoda in the Southern Province and in Ratmalana and Moratuwa of Western Province. We have donated money for selected persons whose houses had been damaged in those areas.
Nearly Rs.2 million worth of goods and money has also been given to those people in the Eastern provinces also.

Our next campaign and relief work will be held in Tangalle area on 17th March 2005.We expect to distribute school books, bags and other items among displaced children. We are going to organize several programs according to funds received.

Low cost housing scheme

We have planned to construct at least 25 low cost houses for the comrades who have lost their houses. According to the plan that drawn by our architects, to build a single house will cost approximately €2000.

We need at least €50000 to accomplish this task. As we are not able to collect such a big amount of money from Sri Lanka, we would appeal all the organizations, sympathizers and friends to contribute further to the NSSP Tsunami Relief Fund as soon as possible.

When you send the contributions to our account please do not forget to send your email address.

To make a contribution

Account name Corporation Co-op & Mercantile Union

Account No. 0600163663

Name & address of the bank

Bank of Ceylon

5th city branch

York street

Colombo 1

Sri Lanka

International bank code BCEYLKLX

Email ccmu@lanka.ccom.lk