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Help OKDE publishing house and headquarters

Monday 1 July 2019

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OKDE-Spartakos, the Greek section of the Fourth International, has its national headquarters in Athens. In our headquarters, we organize frequently seminars and meetings about current political issues, about the social movements, as well as about the history, the programme and the activities of our current, the Fourth International.

Our headquarters is also the office of our non-profit publishing house, the “Vanguard Library”. The “Vanguard Library”, in its more than 70 years of existence, has translated and published more than 50 titles, including works by Trotsky, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Ernest Mandel, Daniel Bensaïd and others. It has also published the writings of Pandelis Pouliopoulos, the first General Secretary of the Greek Communist Party and afterwards founder of Greek Trotskyism, and also of Christos Anastasiadis, the successor of Pouliopoulos.

Unfortunately, we are being evicted from the building we have been using as our headquarters for the last 7 years due to the real estate crisis in Athens. OKDE-Spartakos has thus to search for a new building. Given the very restricted finances of our organization, this represents a very hard task. Most of our members are students, young unemployed or precarious workers, with a very limited income. We do not receive any kind of financial aid from any other source apart from our own members. We are, therefore, obliged to appeal for financial support from our international comrades, friends, and sympathisers for any possible aid. This will be more than valuable to us.

For possible donations, please give online (quite simply with a credit card, etc) :

Support OKDE-Spartakos.

For other ways to support us (bank transfers, western union etc) please contact us at the following e-mail address:


and we shall point out how you can send your donation.


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