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Strike at Electrolux in Romania: “The boss’s strategy is to starve us!”

Monday 1 April 2019

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Since 4 March, the 460 workers of the Swedish giant Electrolux’s subsidiary in Satu Mare, in northwestern Romania, have been on strike. As working conditions deteriorate with unbearable rates of work or temperature variations of 30 degrees in the factory, the strikers are demanding a gross increase of 650 Lei (137 euros), or nearly 40% of their salary for many of them.

The bosses intimidated the strikers, offering those who did not want to join the movement to stay at home while being paid 75% of their salary. They propose a 5% increase and a paltry bonus. That hasn’t stopped anyone. Inspired by the yellow jacket movement, Electrolux strikers organized the "blue jacket" on Thursday 21 March to make their demands known to the entire population. Nearly a thousand people gathered.

The strikers are under attack from the press and public opinion. In this deindustrialized area where 20% of the population works abroad, the remaining factories (in household appliances or textiles) are presented as a charity to legitimize bosses’ abuses, which in some cases prohibit any trade union membership and also threaten to close sites and relocate. But the strike continues...


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