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Workers Party debate

Friday 16 November 2001

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Brazil is facing a historic presidential election in 2002 which could see the victory of the candidate of the Workers Party, Lula. As the elections approach, debate is sharpening within the party.

We present here the positions of the Socialist Democracy (DS) tendency of the PT, together with the theses put forward by the DS’ slate of candidates in the PT’s recent national leadership elections and the platform of DS supporter Raul Pont, who ran for the presidency of the PT.

In the elections the DS slate won 14.75% of the vote, as against 10% in 1999. Raul Pont came second in the presidential election with 17.5% of the vote (in his home state of Rio Grande do Sul Raul scored 47% and the DS slate registered the highest vote of any list). The victorious presidential candidate, Jose Dirceu, won 55% of votes cast.