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Alam Bachchu, landless leader, attacked and gravely wounded – Call for solidarity

Monday 21 January 2019

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12 January 2019 at 10 am in the morning at Dakshin Aicha Bburhat under Charfasion sub-district in Bhola District led by terrorists, extortionists and land-grabber Firoj Alom swapon, Nirob Rari, Enayet Kha, Nasir Peda, Tofazzol Sikder and co. suddenly attacked and brutally physically assaulted Alam Bacchu, who is the landless leader of Sikdarerchar under Uttor Charkolmi and the central leader of Bangladesh Krishok Federation.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Bangladesh Kishani Sabha, Bangladesh Adivasi Samity and Bangladesh Bhumiheen Samity bitterly condemned and protested the incident and demanded immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of those who are perpetrators.

Police of Dokshin Aicha Thana coming to the spot rescued landless leader Alam Bachchu and got him admitted to Gano Swastho Hospital for treatment and doctors there on duty referred the moribund patient to Charfasion Health Complex for better treatment. He is presently under treatment in that hospital and struggling for his life. In Dokshin Aicha Thana a general diary entry was enrolled by Abu Bakkar, son of Alam Bachchu in the evening on 12 January 2019:

Last 16 January 2019 Charfasion Hospital authority urgently referred him Shere Bangla Medical College Hospital for better treatment. That day he got admitted and stayed in ward No,. 12, bed No. 34/1. Presently he is in special care in this hospital.

An application signed by Alam Bachchu, Eshahak Majhe, Mannan Melkar, Rofiqul Islam for the protection of cultivated paddy of 400 landless families living in Sikdarerchar under Uttor Charkalmi of Charfasion sub-district was put forward to the Deputy Commission and Police Superintendent on behalf of landless people. Against that backdrop police superintendent of Bhola district took necessary steps on 21 November 2019 through Dularhat Thana (Police Station) OC (Officer in Charge). The police of Dularhat Thana warned and installed red flags in the paddy filed so that the Jotder (Local big landowner), Lathtial (Musclemen) and terrorists cannot harvest and bring the paddy through looting and installed temporary police camp in order to protect the paddy of landless people. As a result, the Jolder, Lathial and terrorist could not loot the paddy of landless people.

The same terrorists thew acid in the dark of night and barbecued the different portion of the body of parents of Alam Bachchu in 2006 in order to remove the landless people from the island and to make the landless people leaderless. His acid burnt parents are still alive with injury and live in a sub-human life. Then the case was lodged with criminal court and it is still pending in the high court.

Besides, last year a historic verdict was delegated from the High Court on behalf of landless people which put an end to the encroachment of the illegal land terrorists. In order to conduct this litigation the role of Alam Bachchu was prominent.Hence they were previously prepared to take revenge on Bachchu.

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