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Barcelona workers battle closure

Fourth International statement

Saturday 5 March 2005

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The announcement of the March 31 closure of the Barcelona Minwatt company - the firm is owned by Philips and LG - is yet another example of the rip-off policies of the multinational corporations. More than 1000 workers and their families will be affected by this decision.

Philips claims financial losses as the justification for this decision, but they haven’t invested in Miniwatt for years, and today are engaged in negotions with a multimillionaire to sell the land which the plant stands on.

Faced with this situation the struggle which has been launched by the Miniwatt workers against closure constitutes a magnificent example of courage and dignity.
For years the Miniwatt workers have been a byword for combative trade unionism and solidarity in Catalonia, and throughout the Spanish state.

For all these reasons we declare our solidarity with the compañeros and compañeras of Miniwatt, and with their demands.