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The Livio Maitan Library

Thursday 11 October 2018

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The Livio Maitan Library is finally opening to the public. It is a centre for the study of the workers’ movement and has thousands of documents and publications, many of which are very rare, documenting the history of our movement’s struggles, debates and rich discussions in the 20th century.

The struggles of the exploited and oppressed didn’t just start today. There is a red thread linking the successive generations which is relevant to what we are doing today. Without the memory of these, often heroic, struggles and the debates which took place alongside them, not only would we be unable to understand the struggles of today, but we’d lose the indispensable experience of the past which can help us begin history anew, appreciating the continuities and the ruptures.

This is a heritage which is both useful and essential if we are to build a new international workers’ movement in the 21st century. The library is at the disposal of all those, but especially young people who want to be part of this project.

At a time when capital is trying to wipe out the memory of what has gone before, we think that this is a valuable thing to do. We are certain that Livio would approve.

Biblioteca Livio Maitain
via Elisabetta Canori Mora, 13 – Roma
contact c/o sinistra@anticapitalista.org


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