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JUNTAS calls for international mobilization against extreme-right

Monday 24 September 2018

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On September 29th we will take the streets worldwide to say: #EleNão
#EleNunca (#NotHim , #NeverHim)!

Dear comrades,

For some years Brazil has been immersed in a deep economic, political
and representative crisis. With only two weeks to the election, the
trends to reject the establishment parties are stronger, and because
of the identification of leftist ideas with the collapsed PT project,
many people turned to reactionarism as a way out of the crisis.

Today the one who is leading the polls is Jair Bolsonaro, a protofascist
military with an ultraliberal economic program, who has a history of
racist, sexist and LGBTphobic statements.

The women are leading the political combat against this figure. A
Facebook group named "Mulheres Unidas contra Bolsonaro" [Women United
Against Bolsonaro] brought together more than 2.5 million women in
just one week and is calling for demonstrations all over Brazil and
the world with this slogan for September 29th.

Juntas is making a call for all women and organisations in the left
who can participate in the demonstrations that have already been
scheduled, or reproduce similar events in their countries. We count on
your help, which can be by informing about the events in your country,
sending photos and videos of support, and using the hashtag # EleNão
and #EleNunca . We can do it!

Feminist greetings,

Coletivo Juntas  


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