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NSSP relief work for tsunami victims

Tuesday 22 February 2005

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The LCR, French section of the FI, sent 5000 euros to the tsunami fund of the LSSP, the Sri Lankan section of the International. In this letter of thanks the Sri Lankan comrades explain the initiatives they have taken.

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution of €5000 towards the NSSP Tsunami fund. We will use this money entirely for the victims.

We would like to draw your attention to the some activities which we have already carried out in the last period, and what we intend to do next.

In the last two weeks we have engaged in various activities on the relief works for the tsunami victims. We have already allocated nearly $US1200 for the Tamil
rehabilitation organisation for relief work in LTTE controlled areas - it is very difficult for us to work there directly.

The NSSP and our friends have together already distributed five lorry loads of essential food, clothes and medicines - together with milk-based foods for infants -
to the Batticaloa district, a mainly Tamil and Muslim area in the Eastern provinces.

Now we have started to give some assistance for the tsunami victims who had their houses and properties partly or completely damaged. We were able help some victims who had not received any help from the government or any other organisations, especially among the workers and

Party cadres engaged in the relief work for tsunami victims in the Moratuwa suburb of Colombo and also donated 250000RS.($US2500) towards buying everyday essentials, as well as helping reconstruction of damaged houses.

We are making arrangements to provide financial assistance to the workers who have been effected by the tsunami in the Galle district. An awareness programme will be launched on the 26th of this month by our party members and trade union members in the Ambalangoda. area. We expect to distribute building materials and financial assistance for 30 selected victims and their families. The estimated amount for this project is RS.1 Million.

We hope - if we can raise further funds - to continue with the same type of programmes in Tangalle and the Hambantota area in the first weeks of March .

We have other plans to help to build low cost housing if we can raise the money. We also have the responsibility to explain to the people the political developments following the tsunami.

The government plans to evacuate all dwellings and small business places from 100 meters away from the sea. And they are preparing to construct new highways and privatise some public enterprises in the country. And Mrs Chandrika has imposed emergency regulations in 14 districts, and thereby she is trying to stop workers agitation and curb the democratic rights of the people.

We are engaging not only attending for relief work but also to do the campaign against this suppression of the democratic rights of the public .

We have already distributed one million leaflets and held several meetings in several places. And We have taken the initiative to unite the major trade unions to start agitation.

We will use the contributions which you all have made for the tsunami fund to meet our above targets and goals. We are looking forward for further assistance from our sympathisers for the tsunami victims.

For the NSSP Tsunami fund