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Demonstrations in Iran to protest against poverty and intervention in Syria

Saturday 30 December 2017

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Mass demonstrations took place in the cities of Shiraz, Khorramabad and Kerman Shah, a predominantly Kurdish city, to protest the high cost of living, poverty, unemployment and participation in the war in Syria, which caused damage to the Iranian economy according to the demonstrators. [1]

Demonstrators in Shiraz and Kerman Shah held banners condemning the Iranian military intervention in Syria and holding banners reading “Leave Syria and think about us”

The protesters burned pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei, while police and security repressed violently the demonstrators.

Slogans raised in the protests

“Death to Rouhani” and “Death to the dictator”.
Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my soul is the redemption of Iran
Leave Syria and think about us
You have used religion and humiliated the people
The government is lying and its promises are not implemented
Unity Unity, No Fear, No fear of the police
We regret the revolution and overthrow the monarchy

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for vigilance towards what he described as “attempts by enemies to stir up despair and conflicts” between the Iranians.

“The enemies of the Islamic Revolution are trying to raise people’s despair towards the future, to provoke conflicts and to strike the social balance of the Islamic Republic, so it is necessary for everyone to be vigilant about this plot,” Rouhani said.

December 29 2017

Syria Freedom forever


[1see videos here